1. How do I set the price of the gold I buy and how do you send confirmation?
• The price is set at the time of order placement.
2. What does shipping cost?
• $25 flat fee for all gold products.
3. Do you offer shipping insurance and how much does it cost?
• All orders are insured, which is included in the $25 fee. Shipping is free for orders of $5,000 or more.
4. What is your typical delivery time and what are the options?
• Deliveries are usually completed within 28 days or less. Shipment options include FedEx, UPS, or USPS registered insured mail.
5. What if my coins are lost during shipping?
• Insurance will provide the buyer with a full refund.
6. What are the payment methods?
• Check, money wire, debit/credit, money order. A $45 fee is assessed for credit card transactions. APMEX recommends using money wire for orders of $25,000 or more.
7. What is your dealer’s premium on a 1oz gold eagle? Are there any bulk discounts available?
• The dealer’s premium ranges from 5-10%. At the time of this review it was 7%. Purchases of less than $1,500 are also subject to a small-lot fee of $15.
8. Are my purchases reported to any government agency?
• No.
9. Do you charge sales tax?
• No, and the company does not offer tax advice.
10. Will you store my purchase? If so, what are the fees?
• Goldline offers insured storage through third party vendors. Customers can choose to take delivery of metals at any time. The company charges either 0.75% of your holdings or $15, whichever is greater, per year for holding.
11. Do you have telephone support and what are the hours?
• Account executives are available Monday through Friday, 6am-6pm and Saturdays 7am-3pm, PST.
12. What is the best way to contact your business?
• Over the phone: 1-877-376-2646
13. Do you buy gold coins and what is your current premium and/or discount to sell to you?
• Yes, but there is a 1% liquidation fee when selling gold coins back to them.
14. How do I ensure delivery when shipping coins I sell back to you?
• The seller must ensure delivery.
15. Who is the owner of your company? How long have they been with the company?
• CEO is Mark Albarian who’s been in the position for 19 years.
Review: Goldline runs on the expensive side for gold dealers. Prices for gold eagles are marked up considerably, and the company also charges a fee for buying back coins. The website is aesthetically attractive, but also does not clearly indicate the prices for gold coins. Other websites prominently display this information on the index page. Goldline’s frequently asked questions section answered most basic questions with regards to gold purchases, but did not go into much detail. With regards to customer service, the representative I spoke with, Shana, was helpful but also curt. She gave me the impression that she wanted to get off the phone with me and that my questions were boring her. There was also a lot of background noise on the call, a possible indication of how busy the company is right now. One major advantage Goldline has over other dealers is their offer to store customer’s purchases through a third-party vendor, although they charge a small fee to do so. Although Goldline seems perfectly legitimate, there are likely better gold dealers out there.

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